Google Glass Available to Consumers in the U.S.

Outside of a brief purchasing window a few months ago, there wasn’t a guaranteed way of getting your hands on a pair of Google Glass; tou pretty much had to be chosen to experience what it was all about. Many people have heard about Google Glass, but in some ways it’s still kind of mystery until you’ve actually have had to wear a pair. However, that’s all changed as Google has finally made Glass available to people in the U.S. for a price tag of $1500. For now, they’ll only be available to those living in the States until Google really pushes the product to more consumers. Until then, they’ll continue to work on improving the software and hardware, as well as bringing ways to lower the cost. If you’ve been dying to own Glass, you can head on over to Google’s official website to buy a pair. Check out the video of some of the first to experience Glass and what they enjoyed about it.

[Via PetaPixel]

Bobby Reys

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