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With the first full week of 2015 in the books, it’s safe to say our team has a pretty good idea of the site’s direction going forward. We’re still holding tight on pulling the trigger on all of the changes, but slowly but surely, you’ll see some of our new ideas surface over the weeks to come.

This past week was a very TV-heavy week, given the beginning of the new year. Travis revisited Six Feet Under and how it had an impact on him, Bridjet shared her top/bottom 10 TV shows to watch/avoid in 2015, and Travis also argued why Shameless is the most overlooked show on cable right now. Outside of TV, Hubert does what he does best, editorializing on everything under the sun, with this week’s entries on the Charlie Hebdo situation out in France and the trials and tribulations of adapting real life for films.

Check out all of this and more below.


We Were Promised Hoverboards
Top 10 TV Shows to Watch in 2015
On Six Feet Under and Dealing with Death
Nick’s Top 10 Pop Songs of 2014
10 TV Shows to Avoid in 2015
Nous Sommes Charlie Hebdo: Terrorism’s Losing Battle Against Satire and Artistic Expression
The Taylor Swift Takeover
Why You Should Watch Shameless, Cable’s Most Overlooked Series
[The Friday Five] What to Know in Music This Week (1/5 – 1/9)


Lead Actors in The Raid to Appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
[Trailer] Ant-Man
[Weekly Netflix Fix] Welcome to 2015
Based on a True Story: Foxcatcher, Selma, and the Controversy of Adapting Real Life

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