Adobe Announces Amazing Creative Cloud Update

Photos by Adobe Press Release

It is no secret that Adobe Photoshop already has the most powerful manipulation tools available. And right when you think it can’t get any better, they announce the release of their latest update to Creative Cloud for Design. The update is live now and has a few very exciting features like Perspective Warp, Linked Smart Objects, and 3D Printing. By paying $49.99 monthly for Adobe’s Creative Cloud Model, you’ll have access to all major updates, as soon as they come available, and you could even try it for free here to see if you like it.

A quick description for the Perspective Warp tool is that it allows you to adjust the perspective of your image by placing a grid or individual lines within images, so you can tug and pull wherever you please to warp the image.

The introduction of the Linked Smart Objects tool is exciting because it allows you to efficiently change a smart object in just one document; whereas before, you’d have to apply the same edits over again within the document, or replace them with new versions. This is especially good for creating promo material and editing logos.

The 3-D Printing tool is the newest with tons of potential growth. Here, you can create, edit, preview and print a 3-D design and bring it to life.

Of course, explaining these features just won’t do as much justice as seeing how it works in action, so be sure to check out Adobe’s overviews and tutorials here to learn more. Also be sure to check some of these photos they released to preview.

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