Apple sells more than nine million iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c models in first three days

The new era of Apple’s popular iPhone ushered in on Friday with the launch of two new models: the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. As has been customary for years, many lined up to be among the first to take a bite out of Apple’s next wave of the popular smartphone, so much so that the company has set a new record.

This morning, Apple announced that the combined weekend sales of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c had reached nine million units sold with plenty more to come over the upcoming weeks as stores are restocked with extra shipments. Of course, the news comes with an asterisk to the record as this is the first time that Apple has released two new iPhones at the same time; the eight different color variations for the smartphones (three for the iPhone 5s, five for the iPhone 5c) also helped pad the enormous amount.

Of course, nine million units sold in three days is nothing to scoff at despite any positive PR spin Apple applies to the launch. However, what would be more eye-opening would be the revenue the company made over the same three day time period with the cheapest versions of each phone priced at $199 for the iPhone 5s and $99 for the iPhone 5c.

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