It’s a little hard to believe that Blu’s NoYork! album would be released like this as a free LP, especially since it has been talked about as his major label debut with Warner Bros for what seems like ages in internet time…  But then again, it’s been long delayed, and when he played some of this for us in Chicago this winter, I could see why a major wouldn’t be too psyched on it.  Plus, nothing that Blu does really surprises me, and you can only wait so long on a label before just saying f**k it.

According to Heather, this was passed out as a free LP during Rock The Bells, and now found it’s way on line.  Like I said, I am a little skeptical that this is the final version of NoYork!. If it really is, then there’s got to be more to the story, either he’s got something else coming from WB, or maybe he got off entirely.  For now, we have 17 new tracks to go well with the recently released Jesus.  Link and tracklist below.

Blu: NoYork!

1.) Doin’ Nothin’ (Feat. U-God)
2.) Everything Ok (Feat. Jack Davey)
3.) Never Be The Same (Feat. Sa-Ra & Noladarling)
4.) Above Crenshaw (Feat. Cashus King)
6.) Soupa (Feat. Suzi Analogue)
7.) Hours
8.) Annie Hall (Feat. Chop, Cherry Pop & Tiombelockhart)
9.) Tags (Feat. Exile)
10.) Spring Winter Summer Fall (Feat. Jimetta Rose)
11.) Down Earth (Feat. The Donel Smokes, Definite Mass & Dubble Oh)
12.) My Sunshine (Feat. Nia Andrews)
13.) Jazmine (Feat. Andy Allo)
14.) Jazzmen
15.) Ronal Morgan (Feat. Edan)
16.) Keep Ush Inn
17.) Doin’ Something (Feat. El Prez, Pac Div, Uni, J*Davey, Tiron & Ayomari)