Bricksy by Jeff Friesen is a Lego Homage to Banksy

Photographer Jeff Friesen has emerged with the “Bricksy” series, a classic American take on some of Banksy’s most iconic work that substitutes the figures in Banksy’s art with Lego pieces. The Lego spin takes the ominous colors and sense of anonymity Banksy accentuates in his work and plays with it, developing a contrasting angle to his art by means of depicting it with a lighthearted, multicolored, and childish spirit. While it’s a completely distinct way to perceive Banksy’s art, the pieces still manage to stay true to what Banksy is all about: repetition, incognition, and the manipulation of consumerism.

My first glance at Friesen’s “Bricksy” was an interpretation of a nod to pure entertainment, with Lego facial expressions and body language serving as a comedic homage to Banksy’s work. After all, even with only a limited comprehension of the Lego world, it’s difficult for me to instantly construct an association between a seemingly innocent child’s toy and negativity. A closer look at Friesen’s work reminds us that the misleading and innocent nature of the iconic, mass-produced, and homogenous toys serves as satirical commentary on postmodern consumerism, doing the exact opposite of what Banksy does in an artistic sense but still conveying the same subject matter to the masses.

While Banksy pushes the limits on street art himself by exploring relatable and controversial themes, Friesen takes “Bricksy” to a unique level, permeating the Banksy charm and giving his cult following something new to talk about. Check out Friesen’s “Bricksy” series below.

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