[Contest] Win a $15 Fandango Gift Card and Snickers

Going to the movies is fun and all, but sometimes it can get pricey. Once the tickets are purchased, you wonder if it’s even going to be worth paying for the popcorn later. While some cave in and buy their snack, others are left in the theater listening to the harmonies of the others munch away at their snacks. This can lead to extreme hunger that turns some into a monster, perhaps into the infamous Godzilla.

Snickers wants to change that for you. They believe that Godzilla can be pretty great as long as his hunger is taken care of, and so they want to give one lucky person the chance to win a $15 Fandango gift card and five Snickers bars to enjoy throughout your next show. And with the new Godzilla movie coming out in theaters May 16th, there would be no better way to enjoy your prize earnings.

Entering this contest is really simple. First, follow @RubyHornet on Twitter, tag us in a tweet saying you want to win with the hashtags #RHSnickers, #MONSTERSATISFACTION, and the URL back to this specific post. Winners will be announced on March 17 by us! A simple example would be. “I think some #RHSnickers would fill my #MONSTERSATISFACTION! @RubyHornet https://rubyhornet.com/contest-win-15-fandango-gift-card-snickers/#.UxS4YvRdUuo.” Be creative with this!

Regardless if you win or not, Godzilla will be a great start to the Summer film season and worth watching. Starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, and Sally Hawkins, it’s a remake that I think will be the topic of discussion for a good portion of time after its release. Hopefully you’ll have some awesome prizes to enjoy, and good luck to you all!

This post is sponsored by Snickers.

Mackenzie O'Brien

Mackenzie O’Brien is a Digital Cinema major with a concentration in Screenwriting at DePaul University. When she isn’t applying SPF 100+ to her translucent skin, she’s usually avoiding the sun’s fiendish ways by watching films, catching concerts, and (most importantly) writing.

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