Iconic Celebrities Photoshopped with Tattoos by Cheyenne Randall

Photos by Cheyenne Randall

Imagine classic beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor fully inked with tattoos. In the popular Tumblr blog Shopped Tattoos, Seattle based artist Cheyenne Randall, features an extensive collection of celebrities, famous athletes,  musicians and even world leaders, with very realistic looking tattoos, photoshopped onto their skin. The idea is done so well, and for some it genuinely suits them. There are even some that can change your personal opinion about them. Think about it, would Marilyn Monroe still be considered a iconically sexy while covered in ink? Would Barack Obama be President of the United States if he had full tatted sleeves?

Take a look at some of our favorites and be sure to check out the ongoing series here.

[Via Shopped Tattoos Tumblr]

Angela E. Mejia

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