Create Stories From Your iPad With The Storehouse App

There are a lot of ways to get your story out, whether you take up blogging or simply just sharing parts of your life on social media networks. Now a day’s it’s easy to document things and share them with the world in just a matter of minutes with all the platforms available, you just have to find one you like. Here enters Storehouse, an app that let’s you combine photos and videos from your Camera Roll, Instagram, Flickr, and Dropbox which lets you easily add text to help you share whatever you’d like. The app is entirely free and offers an easy to edit layout allowing you to display your photos simply by cropping images and dropping them them in place effortlessly. Once you are done you can share your stories with other users of Storehouse or just about anybody on the internet.

[Via Storehouse]

Bobby Reys

Bobby Reys is an artist, picture taker, and creative thinker. When he's not working on his personal projects or exploring he's the photography editor at RubyHornet.

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