Disney Movies Anywhere Launched As Disney’s First Movie Streaming Service

Disney, while a huge industry in itself, has a huge market for most of its productions. Creating many works that families can trust to watch as a whole, the characters and plot lines of every story becomes a huge potential for money and legacy years after each release. A company invested in expanding whenever possible, Disney launched today that a new streaming service called Disney Movies Anywhere will be available for consumers to stream their favorite Disney films with an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV will also be providing the cloud-based service access, but consumers can log in to the website on a computer or laptop as well.

Disney’s streaming option has been speculated for the past few years with many wondering if they would join with UltraViolet, another popular digital streaming service. However, they decided to go their own route and team up with iTunes as the main destination for film purchases. They’re the only major studio that won’t be affiliated with UltraViolet, and their separation as well as Apple’s from the digital movie service is being blamed for the slow-rising popularity. However, with iTunes consumers will have the ability to select from about 420 films produced by Disney, Pixar, and Marvel with the appeal of a “buy once watch anywhere” approach. Content previously purchased on the web as well as digital copies can be accessed from accounts as well. The hope by both Disney Movies Anywhere and UltraViolet is that digital movie purchases will become more appealing to all.

It seems that the bait trying to lure consumers into the Disney digital kingdom will be the ability to purchase Disney’s latest blockbuster Frozen three weeks before its release on DVD and Blu-Ray. Another push for consumers to join will be a free digital copy of the Disney-Pixar classic The IncrediblesDisney, while creative all on levels, seems to approach everything they do as an enterprise, and this is only going to increase their market value more than it’s already worth.

[via Variety]

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