Femdot – happyoctober.

Fresh off announcing his signing with Closed Sessions via Billboard, Femdot is back with “happyoctober.”, produced by charles lauste, 5th of hen, and jabari rayford. First off, let me say that the piano on this track is fantastic, a minimalist touch while still oozing in emotion and soul. The vocal sample gives the production a feeling of wanting, a perfect backdrop for Fem’s lyrics laced in desire and nostalgia; the past fueling the present.

“Its crazy even these choosy women would choose us”, Femdot raps like someone with fate behind him, the power of all the people supporting him culminating into a moment we’re all witnessing. In my opinion what makes Fem so special is his storytelling, it makes you feel like you are watching his life from a third person perspective. Hanging over his shoulder like an appointed angel from heaven. Personable lyrics, beautiful production, and a genuine persona are all what you will get from streaming “happyoctober.” above.


He Put The Pussy On The Chainwax!!!