Friday Night Lights film even more unlikely to happen

When it comes to popular TV shows ending, there’s always hope that some sort of follow-up will take place in film form. The constant push-and-pull of “Will it or won’t it?” has plagued a number of shows in the past, with the most recent of these being Veronica Mars and Arrested Development. I’m not wholly against film continuations of shows; it’s just a matter of the type of show/film being made and the purpose it would hold. Would an Arrested Develoment film work? Honestly, no. Would it be amazing? …probably.

Since Friday Night Lights ended, there have been countless rumors of a film sequel brought up from filmmakers and cast members. Earlier today, however, any plans for a proper Friday Night Lights follow-up were nipped in the bud by the show’s executive producer, Peter Berg (Lone Survivor). In an interview with Collider, Berg shared his current thoughts on the prospects:

“There’s not gonna be a movie.  We talked about it, some people thought it was a good idea, some didn’t; I’ve come to believe it’s probably not a good idea and I seriously doubt it’s gonna happen.”

I know a large number of FNL fans that would love a film, but it appears that any plans for one are all but diminished. I personally have never watched the show, so I can’t exactly expand upon it. However, translating from one medium to another (in this case, TV to film) can be very difficult. Would a misstep be worth risking alienating diehard fans?

[via Collider]

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