[Video] St. Millie: “Get Em High” (Feat. Lili K.)

Few artists out of the Midwest have been as hungry or as active as Treated Crew artist St. Millie. Walk around the city and you’re bound to see the young MC. Whether it be hanging out at Jugrnaut, at a show around town or the larger-than-life face postings that popped up around town depicting him with a crooked crown one thing is clear; St. Millie is working his ass off. With plenty of buzz surrounding his next move, he dropped “Get Em High” produced by The Gift and featuring Milwaukee-bred and current Chicago native Lili K, who amplifies the track the way she has made a habit of lately. The video was shot by VisualMecca, who themselves have been building a reputation as each video shows growth for the video production team on the rise.

Jake Krzeczowski

Jake Krzeczowski is a writer based in Chicago. Since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2012 he has written for the likes of The Chicago Sun Times, Complex Magazine, and Elevator Magazine.

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