Fujifilm Drops A Teaser For Its X-T1 Camera

Having recently announced the release of the popular Fujifilm X100s camera model in an all black version Fujifilm has dropped a teaser of a new addition to the X-mount mirrorless camera series. The new X-T1 camera has the signature analog look that the X-mounts feature giving off a retro vibe of the day’s when shooting film was the norm. As of right now there is now word on the specification’s on the camera and on the website we are left with only an image of the X-T1 and a tag line that reads, “Coming January 28th.” One can only make assumptions as to what will be inside the camera but it’ll probably similar to the X-Pro or X-E models but I guess will have to wait until next Tuesday to find out.

[Via Fujifilm]

Bobby Reys

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