Google tests Google Play vending machines in Tokyo

Vending machines are literally everywhere in Japan. During my trip to Tokyo this past August, I couldn’t go a block without seeing at least one vending machine. Unlike the vending machines here in the States, Japan utilizes the machines for everything from beer, milk, and energy drinks to ramen, pastries, and even panties. How fitting is it, then that Google would test their own vending machines in Tokyo?

Google is introducing Google Play vending machines in Shibuya, Tokyo’s version of New York’s Times Square. The vending machines will upload both paid and free-to-play games onto Android phones via a touch screen. This is a pretty cool concept for Google to explore, considering the overt nature of vending machines throughout Tokyo. The machines’ placement in front of the Parco, one of the trendiest department stores in Tokyo, near the famous Shibuya Crossing will also bring in large audiences.

Japan can keep their Google Play vending machines as long as they can export their beer machines to us.

[via Engadget]

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