Harry Shearer Returns to The Simpsons

After a stressful two month period in which Harry Shearer, the voice of many characters on The Simpsons (including Principal Skinner, Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, etc.), didn’t seem too keen on returning to the long-running animated sitcom, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Shearer will be rejoining the rest of The Simpsons cast through the series’ two guaranteed seasons.

Shearer’s contract, like the rest of the principal cast’s, is for four seasons at more than $300,000 per episode, with Fox possessing the option for the final two seasons if The Simpsons gets renewed for two more seasons beyond the current guaranteeThe Simpsons‘ official Twitter tweeted their excitement over the news below.

It was a contentious two months for the show’s fans, and while executives were adamant about re-casting the characters had Shearer not returned, it’s good to know that this minor bump in the road has come to a happy conclusion. Now if only they can re-discover the charm that made them such an icon…

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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