America and Japan Are Going to Have a Giant Robot Duel

When I was a kid, I used to love the Gundam anime series (G Gundam, for life). Giant robots punching each with laser light fists just spoke to me. Humanity’s been chasing that impossible dream for years, but now it’s just a wee bit closer. Last week, American company Megabot showed off footage of a real working mecha (that shot paintballs of course) with the intention of fitting someone inside for giant robot battles a la Pacific Rim or Robot Jox. Footage of their robot came with a challenge to Japanese robotics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry for their robots to fight in 2016.

This week, Suidobashi replied with their own video. Draped in a Japanese flag, CEO Korgoro Kugata had some awesome trash talk claiming the American machine could have been cooler (and has too many guns because America). All the while accepting the challenge to fight their robot, Kuratas, against the American Megabot. Unfortunately we don’t have any details of the big “fight,” and the whole thing screams publicity stunt. Perhaps it’s to draw attention to Megabot’s once failed Kickstarter campaign to start an entire league of mecha fights. Whether or not it’s a coordinated stunt, why has it taken this long for us to get to this point? Something like this should’ve happened a long time ago. When will our lives go full anime?

Hilariously enough, this was all around the time of a notable World Cup match between America and Japan where Japan was decimated as USA scored four goals in under sixteen minutes (three of those belonging to superwoman Carli Lloyd). To top if off, Independence Day was last weekend so everyone’s far more patriotic than usual. I’m sure the American robot will win just because I don’t see any other outcome being possible. It’s running on bald eagle power right now.

[via Popular Science]

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