Here’s How to Easily Create GIFs from YouTube Videos

GIFs are the greatest thing on the internet next to free porn and memes. For some, GIF creation comes easy; for others, we rely on GIF creating services. When it comes to creating GIFs out of videos, it’s a whole other story if you don’t have the source file. Thankfully, one website allows aspiring GIF artists to create endless loops from their favorite YouTube videos.

gifYouTube allows users to easily create GIFs by simply taking the URL of any YouTube, adding a “gif” before the link, and setting the start time and duration of the clip. For example, I took Ruby Hornet favorite ShowYouSuck’s “Homies Help Homies” video, which can be found at, add “gif” to the beginning of the URL so it reads, then begin creating your very own GIFs!

There’s no telling how long the service will be up, so make as many as you can while it’s available! Below, you can find two GIFs I made from the aforementioned “Homies Help Homies” video and Auggie the 9th and Supa Bwe’s video for “Mahjik.”

[via Wired]

Blakkass Westley Homies Help Homies

Supa Bwe Mahjik

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