HTC Unveils The One Max Smartphone

Everyday, it seems like a new smartphone is being released from every company known to man with the latest and coolest features in hopes of us buying it. The newest smartphone that is coming out is brought to us by HTC, the One Max. Like the iPhone 5s, it features finger sensor technology to unlock the phone and ” can be programmed for up to three fingers which immediately launch three separate apps without the need to unlock or go to the home screen.” The One Max offers a big screen coming in at 5.9″ including a full 1080p HD display sure to make your photos, videos, and movies pop. It’ll come in either 16GB or 32GB, but it can expand to 64GB with extra memory. No word on its release date in the US, but it is set to launch in Europe and Asia this October.

[Via Highsnobiety]

Bobby Reys

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