[Interview] RH First Look: theWHOevers

theWHOevers First Look Top

theWHOevers First Look Top

For Dotkom and J. Arthur, Hip Hop isn’t just about the music.  The two met at Northern Illinois University and quickly found that they each shared an appreciation for Hip Hop culture.  That shared appreciation is at the core of their bond, and a mindset that informs them in their work as theWHOevers, one of Chicago’s best new groups.   “We both knew we wanted to create music that we as listeners would enjoy,” says J. Arthur, “something that represents the essence of the Hip Hop culture we adored growing up.”

In September of 2011, theWHOevers released their debut project, Renovations.  The mixtape is an eclectic collection of beats and rhymes in the spirit of Hip Hop’s golden era with influences from Chicago house and freestyle movements.  Following that release, Dotkom and J. Arthur upped the creative ante and released a new song every Wednesday, forcing each other to push themselves beyond hot 16’s and one-liners.  Much like an athlete hitting the gym, or a samurai sharpening his sword, theWHOevers have only gotten better since Renovations.  And this summer they will release a new mixtape, which will then set the table for a proper follow-up to Renovations.

In this First Look, we talked to Dotkom and J. Arthur about their influences, their solo projects, where they fit in Chicago Hip Hop, and much more.  Check it out.

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