The League

UPDATE: Photo By Virgil Solis

Yes.. That is a long a** title, and yes, Virgil took a very dope pic of the group that will probably be swapped out at some point, but it’s 2:23 AM, and I don’t have time for all that.  The news does not wait… Anyway, I just got home from Every Drop Counts, a benefit concert for Haiti that featured performances from Rockie Fresh, BBU, Vertigo, FM Supreme, He Say She Say, Mic Terror, Hollywood Holt, Rhymefest, Mystic, Jean Grae,  GLC and The Cool Kids (sorry if I missed anyone)… A few days earlier Rhymefest asked me to DJ his set, which he said would feature a special entrance.  That entrance proved to be just that, as Fest kicked off the set with a live performance of “4, 3, 2, 1”, a posse cut remade for DJ Jay Illa’s forthcoming “Revenge of The Backpack Vol. 2”.  The track features Twone Gabz, Mikkey Halsted, and Fest’s long-time rival, JUICE.  Rhymefest and JUICE have not appeared on the same stage in a longtime, a streak that was snapped when JUICE appeared on stage to perform his verse, followed by Twone Gabz, and Mikkey.  Rhymefest ended the song by announcing that the four have officially formed a group and will be working on an album for summer’s release.  Check out the live footage below shot by Virgil Solis (it is very crispy)…  Look for more footage, and some dope photos coming soon… I’m out.