LG Display is working on a bendable, unbreakable smartphone display

LG Display announced today that they are going to mass produce the world’s first flexible OLED smartphone display. The new, 6-inch panel will be built on plastic instead of glass, giving the screen its flexibility. The screens will be concave, meaning the phones using the display won’t simply be flat devices. Given the use of plastic, the new displays will only weigh 7.2g and with a thickness of 0.44mm.

The next step in smartphone technology is upon us. With these new flexible OLED displays, screens won’t crack when dropped (although some minor scratches might still be visible); however, the new screens will only be used with LG phones. Samsung is rumored to be using a flexible screen for one of their next upcoming phones, while Apple hasn’t revealed their plans to adopt the new trend.

More on the new LG displays will be revealed soon.

[via Engadget]

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