McIntosh MT5 Turntable Is Top Notch

Collecting vinyl is a lot of fun since, on any given day, you can find a record you’ve been dying to own when you least expect it. It gets better when you can actually put the needle to the record and listen to the warm sounds coming out of your speakers. Here enters the McIntosh MT5 Turntable to make the experience of listening to your vinyl collection even better. It’s the ultimate turntable and was developed so you can actually hear the music as it was intended. The McIntosh MT5 Turntable is a quality turntable, and the price clearly reflects that, coming in at around $6,500. If you’re in the market for a turntable and want more specifics on the McIntosh MT5 Turntable, head on over to the company’s website.

[Via McIntosh Labs]

Bobby Reys

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