[Mixtape] ProbCause: “The Recipe Vol. 2”

Trying to encapsulate the whole aura surrounding Chicago’s local hip hop scene is damn near impossible, but ProbCause has gotten as close as possible with his newest mixtape The Recipe Vol 2. In it we get collaborations between Prob and a wide range of artists from the city including; Chance The Rapper, Martin $ky, Nasim Williams, Scheme, Psalm One, Auggie The 9th, ShowYouSuck and more. As a matter of fact, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past year this should be you definitive introduction to the most buzzing city in Hip Hop. Highlights include the latest single “LSD” featuring Chano, “High Altitude” -which video production team Elevator showed interest in shooting-and the posse cut “Chicago School 1.0”.


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