AT&T allows annual phone upgrades… with a catch

Technological advances happen so much that we’ve become used, for better or worse, to a constant stream of new laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. every year. AT&T is doing their small part to ensure consumers can continue to be happy… while spending more and more money on yearly device upgrades. Starting on July 26th, both new and existing AT&T customers can enroll in a new subscription plan that will allow them to pick up a new phone or tablet with no down payment.

However, monthly payments will be made to recoup the initial down payment cost. After 12 payments, the user can continue using the device, or they can opt to trade it in for another unit. If the customer decides to keep the unit, the monthly payments will end after 20 payments. So, for example, if you want one of the new iPhone 5S phones coming out this fall, but can’t cover the cost of the phone, you can enroll in the new subscription plan to pay it as you go over the next year.

Of course, it seems as if the overall cost of the plan will be more expensive than simply paying for it up-front. However, it seems like the perfect plan for techies and those who just have to have the latest and greatest in cell phone trends.

[via IGN]

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