Netflix considering new pricing, streaming plans

Netflix has faced subscribers’ shared account shenanigans for a few years now, but hasn’t done anything to combat it. In fact, just a few months ago, they introduced multiple profiles under single accounts so that family/household members would have their own dedicated queues, recommendations, etc. Netflix knows that users will share their accounts with others, and rather than setting restrictions to it, let alone dedicating time, money, and energy to fight it, they’ve embraced it.

However, Netflix is still a business, and businesses need to make money. To greet the new year, Netflix is testing new pricing and streaming plans for users. The cheapest of the plans is $6.99/month that allows SD streaming on one screen. This is for users who don’t care about standard or high-definition video quality and don’t share their accounts. The next proposed tier is $7.99/month that allows HD streaming on two screens. $9.99/month would allow HD streaming on three screens, and $11.99/month would offer HD streaming on four screens.

Which option sounds like the best for you?

[via /Film]

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