New Havoc-Wreaking Godzilla Poster

It’s been awhile since the second trailer for the Godzilla reboot was released back in December, and while information has been light on director Gareth Edwards’ reboot of the popular kaiju/monster movie franchise, expectations are still high for the film. Earlier today, a new poster was released showcasing all of the terror and havoc the Japanese monster wreaked upon a city.

Honestly, this is a light post, because there’s only so much that can be said about a new poster release without diving deep into speculative analysis. Still, the poster is pretty amazing, with the focus rightfully put on Godzilla itself and not on any of the human cast, despite the large, talented names attached, such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson (The Avengers: Age of Ultron), Ken Watanabe (Inception), Elizabeth Olsen (The Avengers: Age of Ultron), and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad).

We’re less than three months away from Godzilla‘s theatrical release. Are you ready?

Second poster for the upcoming Godzilla reboot

Geoff Henao

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