Nike Unveils The Nike+ Move

When it comes to winter, it’s easy to just throw on some sweatpants and hibernate all the way through until spring. The cold weather makes it harder to be outside, and it makes it easier to skip out on the gym. With the Nike+ Move, it makes it a little easier to remain active and defy the urges of being a couch potato all winter long.

The app is free and exclusively made for the iPhone 5s, tracking every movement you make so you can earn more NikeFuel points. The app gives you detailed graphs and charts, relaying information about the days you were most active and where you moved the most, along with peak times of exercise, as well as the type of movements you did. If you need some motivation to exercise or just want to monitor your workouts during the winter months, go and download the free app.

[Via iTunes]


Bobby Reys

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