Photos You Don’t See from the World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup games have begun this week, and although there should be much to celebrate, the streets of Brazil tell a different story. Since the decision was made for Rio de Janeiro to hold this year’s grand event, more than a million demonstrators have been hitting the streets to protest against the billions of dollars being spent on sports stadiums while education, housing, healthcare, public transportation and other social services go begging for assistance. Hidden behind the glitz and glamour of this internationally beloved event is a great population of people living in suffrage and poverty stricken conditions, in one of the most unequal countries in the world.

With everything going on in Brazil, shared photos from various online media outlets, that you don’t typically see in coverage on the World Cup. Whether it’s photos of anti-World Cup street art, police violent, protest, or poverty, each tell an important back story that the rest of the world should see. Check them out below, and find more information on the photo sources here.

“The World Cup will continue for a few days, but the lives of these people will continue long after that.”- Dose

[Via DOSE]



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