Yet another alleged Prince heir comes forward

Ever since Prince’s untimely death late last month, a feud  between his surviving siblings over the rights to his sizable fortune has been ongoing. While his siblings are busy bickering, reports have claimed that hundreds of people have come forward claiming to have rights to a slice of the pie that is Prince’s fortune. However, other reports claim that one young girl may actually have real claim to a substantial portion of Prince’s wealth.

According to media reports, an attorney named Mike Padden recently filed documents with Prince’s probate, claiming that the late music icon’s late half brother, Duane Nelson, Sr., has a granddaughter who is eligible to claim an inheritance.

The report claims that Duane, who was previously Prince’s bodyguard, died in 2011 and that his son died in 2005. However, Duane’s son had a daughter who is now 11 years old and living somewhere in Minnesota.

Padden wants a court to vet the young girl to make sure that she’s actually a blood relative to Prince. He also wants a guardian to be appointed to look out for the girl’s best interests in the process.

Sources, however, say that Prince’s full sister, Tyka Nelson, omitted Duane from her list of siblings when she first began the probate proceedings. The sources say that some members of the family aren’t convinced that Duane was really one of the singer’s blood relatives, which brings into question whether his granddaughter is a blood relative.

Well, even if Prince’s alleged grandniece and guardian prove her legitimacy with a DNA test, they’re still in for an up-hill battle when it comes to claiming some of the singer’s money.

As previously reported, Tyka is going to court with their five surviving half-siblings to sort out who should get what portion of Prince’s reported $150 million fortune. Although Minnesota law claims that the siblings all have an equal share of Prince’s wealth, sources say that Tyka wants a larger share for herself. Making matters worse is the fact that Prince’s assets are frozen until a judge can determine how much the administrator of Prince’s estate should give to the late artist’s family for living expenses.

According to the same reports, things have gotten nasty between Tyka and the rest of her half siblings. Apparently, one of Prince’s half-siblings, Alfred Jackson, alleged that one of his half-siblings might have tried to sabotage his eligibility for the money by putting out a false missing persons report on him.

Clearly, this is still a messy family situation and we hope it gets settled sooner than later.

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