Amber Rose’s legal battle over her name

Amber Rose has done a lot over the past two years, transitioning from a famous hip-hop girlfriend and wife to an independent superstar mogul. But despite all of the work she has done, her name may be in jeopardy as reports have revealed that she’s facing a legal battle over the right to trademark the name “Amber Rose”.

According to media reports, Rose filed a series legal documents in an attempt to trademark her name,  so that she can be the sole person profiting from it. However, up-and-coming country singer Amber Rose Kelly has reportedly also filed trademark documents for the name and wants sole rights to it as well. Now, the two women are in a legal war over the rights.

The report claims that Kelly is intent on proving to the Trademark Office that she was famous years before Amber because she was already an award-nominated former child actor, singer, songwriter, recording artist, model and photographer.

Kelly is claiming that Rose only recently became popular and that her success boils down to nothing more than being a former stripper who enjoys being half-naked in public.

Kelly also claims that she was easily searchable on Google long before 2009, when Amber first rose to fame as the then-girlfriend of Kanye West.

However, Rose disagrees, claiming that she’s the only famous Amber Rose and that most people know nothing of a country singer named Amber Rose Kelly. She also argues that Amber Rose is her real name and that Kelly is merely attempting to piggyback on her fame to a financial windfall.

We have to be honest and admit that we hadn’t heard of Kelly until these reports came out, so we’d be shocked to see Amber Rose’s legal battle over her name result in her losing. As always, we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Article Originally Published by Rolling Out.

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