[RH Premiere] Netherfriends: “Kind of Buzzed vol. 1”

Yesterday, we brought you a taste of Netherfriends’ next project, Kind of Buzzed, with the lo-fi video for “Kimball House Freestyle.” Inspired by Miles Davis’ album, Kind of Blue, Netherfriends’ project, “Kind of Buzzed,” features full instrumental improvisation with rap freestyles from Blakkass Westley, Chandler London, and Rich Jones. Beats were made using a drum pad, analog synthesizer, guitar, vocals, and MPC ran through a couple loop pedals. The first track features Danimal THA CHOPPA on MPC. The last track features Otherly on drum pads.

The project is ambitious and very experimental, but it all comes from a genuine love for music and the spirit of creating something organically and collaboratively instead of going through the regular processes. It’s different, but I think it’s the kind of difference that’s needed to shake things up a bit, or to at least introduce a new way of creating music. I hope everybody enjoys the concept Kind of Buzzed is portraying, and await any potential future volumes that will follow.

Geoff Henao

Geoff Henao is a writer/kinda photographer affiliated with the Chicago collective LOD. His interests include film, punk rock, cute girls, graphic novels, video games, and the Chicago Bulls. He's funny sometimes.

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