Rumor: Instagram bites Vine’s style, plans to implement videos

Facebook is playing catch up lately, first implementing hashtags on the popular social network last week. Now, rumors are spreading that they will announce a Vine-like video feature for Instagram, the photo-sharing app that Facebook acquired last April. With Vine itself having multiplied its user base with its release on Android two weeks ago, Facebook is doing its best to stay on the same playing field.

Tech Crunch cites an unnamed source pointing at a “Video Instagram” app to be announced on June 20th. Whether it will function within the Instagram app or be its own app is yet to be determined. However, the source claims that the video clips will run for five to 10 seconds, surpassing Vine’s maximum allotment of six seconds. Given that this is rumored to be an Instagram-branded application, fans of the X-Pro II, Sierra, Walden, and other filters of its ilk should be implemented with the new service. Finally, aspiring camera phone photographers can break into the video business.

[via Tech Crunch]

Geoff Henao

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