[Short Film] The Duet from Disney Animator Glen Keane

Animation might just be one of the most beautiful utilizations of art in existence. The ability to watch someone’s imagination dance across a screen is an act that has always amazed me. Like most other children, I had a particular fondness for classic Disney films such as The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas. Toddler Mackenzie had no idea who to thank for these masterpieces, but Glen Keane is the answer for this. His animations have graced a variety of households with works also including AladdinBeauty and the Beast, and Tangled.

While most of his work may be within the Walt Disney Animation Studios, Keane found the time to produce his own short animated film called The Duet. The story, entirely animated and directed by the great animator himself, follows characters Mia and Tosh from birth to adulthood as their individual paths in life find themselves continuously intertwining. The illustrations from one scene and period in life for each character flows with such ease on the eyes, and the simplicity of the color scheme adds a beautiful aesthetic that has become extremely underrated with the advancement of animation technology over the years. The film is merely 3:42 long, but the story that unfolds within has a beautiful impact that lasts for a lot longer. Keane always seems to have a way to reach into the hearts of all who watch the films he’s involved with, and I must say that his work with this one is absolutely no exception. I can’t wait for whatever he plans to surprise us with next!

Mackenzie O'Brien

Mackenzie O’Brien is a Digital Cinema major with a concentration in Screenwriting at DePaul University. When she isn’t applying SPF 100+ to her translucent skin, she’s usually avoiding the sun’s fiendish ways by watching films, catching concerts, and (most importantly) writing.

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