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RH First Look: Aleon Craft

Aleon Craft

Last fall I made a trip out to Atlanta.  While I was in town I asked a few people about artists that were “bubbling” as the tastemakers say… One name was repeated a little bit more than others, and I got a real vision of things when this young man’s music came on at the club… Everybody went nuts.  The person I speak of is Aleon Craft, who retooled the spelling of his name a little bit, the direction of his music, and the mentality of his hustle from the harder way to the smarter way.  Craft says, “I’ve more so just started moving smarter and strategically…. I have grown and matured, mentally and musically.”

That growth was in part manifested by a unique collaboration with Atlanta’s Symphony Orchestra, a musical partnership that was perhaps as unexpected as musical partnerships go.  Craft spoke to us about working with the symphony, his not so out of this world partnership with SMKA, and more in this new RH First Look.