Ghostly Long Exposure Photography by Darren Moore

Long exposures by photographer Darren Moore

Photos by Darren Moore Shot mostly around England, self-taught photographer Darren Moore creates ghostly, black and white images using a method called daytime long exposure. In this method, neutral density filters are attached to the camera lens to reduce the… Continue Reading

Nearly Lost Street Photography of NYC and Chicago from the 1950s-60s by Vivian Maier

Street Photography by Vivian Maier

Photos by Vivian Maier Amazing New York street photographer, Vivian Maier, took thousands of photos in the 1950’s and 60’s that went unacknowledged until recently. In 2007, historian and collector John Maloof found a box with thousands her of black and white… Continue Reading

The Power of Image Manipulation by Dariusz Klimczak

Photos by Dariusz Klimczak Through the power of image manipulation in Photoshop, Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak creates dreamlike images, unique from anyone else. From playful to dreary, he manages to combine both human and animal subjects to defy gravity or even… Continue Reading