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Saba returns with “Busy” Video

“Tell me, how are you said? You got all of these friends, you got all of these fans.”  Man, it

Stream TOWKIO’s New LP, WWW

It’s finally here. TOWKIO formerly Toyko Shawn fomerly Preston San has dropped his debut album, WWW. The LP is years in

Listen To Phoelix’s new jam “Drip”

I was on a massive cruise ship with Phoelix one time, out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, watching

Hear An Uncovered Malcolm London + Kweku Collins Track on the LTAB 2018 Mixtape

“Always bout my bills, no Bill Cosby.” The only things certain are death and taxes. Just below that are other


Bars! Listen to Seven1’s “The Only One”

“Told my momma, ‘fuck school, I got a plan bigger’/ she said, ‘you’re ass grown, you make your own dinner.’

RH In The Studio With: Ajani Jones

When I started rubyhornet damn near 10 years ago, one of the biggest things for me and Virgil was being

New Year, New Name, Same Kills. Watch Navarro’s New Video For “Sin Sangre En Las Vinas”

“Son of a mother and a father who done did themselves, them dollars calling cause them pesos never added up

Malcolm London’s “Smokescreens & Magic” is a request that won’t be granted

  “How much of your soul gonna cost you a mansion?” The unexamined life is not worth living, and the

NDPNDNT – “Rock With You”

About a month ago, my students at Columbia College hosted their annual AEMMPSGiving event. NDPNDNT, himself a student at Columbia

Spectacular Diagnostic + Grandmilly – “DISCORAMA”

“Keep it official like a referee and blow the whistle, if I ain’t with you, simmer down while I spew

Chance The Rapper Shines Again on Late Night With Stephen Colbert

Too many lines to quote, but one of my favorites is “the automatic quarterback that doesn’t rap.” How many of


[Closed Sessions] Vonnegutt: “Fresh Like Me” feat Mic Terror

Vonnegutt were just some “down South Georgia boys” when they arrived in Chicago for Lollapalooza in late summer of 2010.