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Dave Jeff: PHLIer Than The Rest Of Them

Dave Jeff

Chicago has a lot of things going on right now, and quite frankly, it’s a crazy place to be in at the moment. There is so much developing in this city, as well as established things exploding and finally getting the attention or recognition that they deserve. Celebs are being spotted in Leaders gear, and some up and coming artists are no longer considered up and coming.  One man that’s been able to see the movement of it all is Dave Jeff, owner and founder of PHLI Worldwide, recognized as one of Chicago’s first sneaker boutiques, and the first to carry its only line exclusively.

In our continuing coverage of Chicago’s fashion scene, we linked up with Dave Jeff to discuss street wear’s past, current, and future.  The PHLI guy lets us in on Chicago’s streetwear history, friends and enemies, and bursts some preconceived bubbles…Check it out below.