RH Interview: BoatHouse + Ajani Jones Drop “Futurama” and Talk About Their New Musical Partnership

Some of Hip Hop’s most classic releases come via a singular connection between producer and emcee. When the beatsmith and

RH Interview: Andrew Barber Talks FakeShoreDrive At 10 and Much More

The first time I met Andrew Barber  (fuck, 10 years ago!) I couldn’t wait for him to shut up and

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[Listen Live] Closed Sessions Radio with DJ RTC and JR Bang

Listen live to Closed Sessions Radio with DJ RTC and JR Bang. Today we play new music from Chance The

Coffee With The Rza

The opportunity to have coffee with a genius, one of Hip Hop’s greatest minds, doesn’t come around too often.  That

Coffee With The Rza

Coffee With The Rza…

It pays to be early sometimes. I had an interview with Rza yesterday. It was scheduled for 12pm at the

Just Me And My Flip: Warm-Up Session With Rhymefest


“Yeah I gotta cold heart, Crucial Conflict man”

Rhymefest has pretty much finished work on his sophomore album, El Che. With the new LP wrapped up, Fest has teamed up with DJ RTC for The Warm Up, a mixtape to get fans ready for El Che. Last night RTC went to Che’s crib to go through some music. One song that came up was “What You Might Miss”. Check it out and look for the mixtape coming soon.

Treasurechest’s Blog #11: You Think I Lose Sleep…



“I’m known as an occupational emcee, you think I lose sleep if you sleep on me?”

De La Soul featuring Adrock: “Squat”

[audio: http://rubyhornet.com/media/rh/music/de_la_squat.mp3|width=180]

So, I originally started this blog on May 11th, a week after my 27th birthday, and shortly after Vibe released their to 50 Blogs list, and then XXL released their top 50 20 Blogs list to try to clean up the mess. RubyHornet didn’t appear on either, and I felt, I don’t know, I felt somewhat “slept on”. It’s actually kind of funny because anybody that knows me, Virgil, or any other RH staff will tell you that we’re famous for the phrase, ‘we’re not a blog, we’re an online magazine.’ That is what we aim to be, that is what we’re going for, and so, in a way, not being on the top blog lists is not much of an insult, slight, or diss, and more of people recognizing the full plan and image we have for RubyHornet. At least that’s what I was telling myself when I saw the lists without RH, it’s also what I told the various artists who asked me about it, and again when Peter Rosenberg talked about our absence during our interview (coming soon). I mean, come on, our “blog section” one component of our site is still the business, and I’ll put it up against any pure blog site…But, a few more days passed, the fervor went down, and I lost those hard feelings and moved onto something else. More artists and their PR folks hit us up about features, more emcees asked me to host their mixtapes, and the White Sox kept falling deeper in the AL Central. But the original principle is still the same, and it’s kind of funny that I’m writing now about wanting more attention and all that after my last blog pretty much broke the other way….

RTC: The Coolest Jew (Blog #8)

Cool Jeq

I am the coolest Jew, at least I am the coolest Jew in the Chicago land area.  I know what you’re thinking…is this statement from some sort of poll and/or contest?  Did the rabbinical association make some sort of decree, or was this title given to me by Adrian Brody, Adam Sandler, or Natalie Portman (three Jews universally recognized to hand out such a distinction)?  Actually the answer is no.  My statement is backed up by hard data, by sociologically tested reporting mechanisms, and my title is one bestowed upon me by the people, of different ethnicities and ages, and without any prompting, absolutely none whatsoever.  In fact, this title, while I’ll wear it as a badge of honor (not a piece of flare though) comes with a mixture of disappointment.  Let me explain.

RTC: Treasurechest’s Blog #7


I got a pocket full of money…looking all bummy…That’s pretty much my mood right now, and yes that is both my Grover hand puppet and turntable setup.  It’s been raining the past couple of days, and I’ve been rocking rip jeans, a tee shirt, and my Hyde Park hoodie.  That’s also the first time I’ve written about what I’ve been wearing, and, sadly, it will most likely be the last one as well.  I am also listening to Shootenanny!, the 2003 LP by The Eels.  If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a smooth LP full of the right mix of optimism, heartbreak, and sadness. My favorite song on the album is “Lone Wolf”…

RTC: Treasurechest’s Blog #6

I just got a copy of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack in the mail, so I got that going for me…Other than that, it’s been kind of a low key Monday for me.  I originally wanted to take a day off, but Naledge and Dre both reminded me that the internet does not stop cause there are always people like them that go on RH @ 3AM and wonder why the site’s not been updated in the last couple hours…Anyway, the reason for my slowness today goes back to last week Thursday and the first of what seemed to be like 8 birthday parties for my main man, Virgil Solis, aka Benny Rocs.  We took the party to Empire Liquors where I DJ’ed a small set with Willy Joy and DJ Major Taylor.  The place was packed and our girl Nina was also there celebrating her birthday…Let me just say that I dropped “Birthday Sex” and I believe both of them had a good time…

RTC: Treasurechest’s Blog #5

Clark Kent


This is my Clark Kent blog.  A real good guy, Clark Kent was.  Stand out journalist, dedicated truth seeker, great friend, modest, and really knew how to keep a secret. I have a pair of glasses that I don’t wear that much, that are Clark Kent-ish.  I bought them when I was a freshmen in college. I always resisted glasses before that, but I couldn’t read the overhead in Dr. Weiskopf’s Psych 101 and decided it was time to see clearly.  At the time, I felt like thick black glasses were the way to go because if I was going to wear glasses, I wasn’t going to play around and try to camoflauge or get too cute, just give me the black frames…I’m wearing glasses dammit!

RTC: Treasurechest’s Blog #4

rtc and br

I want begin by saying…shut the f**k up…let me begin my saying…please stop tagging me in facebook pictures and videos that I’m not in.  This is annoying as hell, and I don’t really think it helps your cause.  Not to belittle myself, but you’re got going to get too many extra clicks on your computer camera made freestyle, or party pictures because I’m tagged in them…Now with that out of the way, let’s start blog #4.