Old School Vs. Now School: PNS & RTC

Old School vs. Now School 










All Natural & S.M.P. come together to celebrate the Old School & Now School Chicago Hip Hop DJ. Join us tonight as Tone B. Nimble & DJ Rude One set the table for DJ PNS (Molemen) & DJ RTC (Ruby Hornet).  We set the table by giving a bit more info on both DJs baseball card style.  Check out the stats below.


RTC: Treasurechest’s Blog #3


I was going to start this blog on a bad note about how sick I got this week, and how I had to miss our night at Angels and Kings, which many of you went to and sent me texts asking if I could get you in and/or why I wasn’t there…Well, try to tell a fever, chills, and cough that you got to go to Angels and Kings…Anyway, I’m still feeling pretty sick, but just got a press release that Blink 182 is back!  So everything is awesome again.  I mean, Blink 182…All three of them…Making sappy love songs that don’t really rhyme and seem to be about the same breakup just alternating between 6 or so guitar chords and the lead vocals…Can the world get much better?  I can’t front though, Blink 182 got a lot of play at MPA back in the day, and I had an album or two, which brings me to my next point…Anyone want to buy some used CDs? 

RTC: Treasurechest’s Blog #2

RTC and Shala

It’s Sunday night, the Steelers just beat the Cardinals for their record 6th Superbowl win and you can the official tees/hats are eco-friendly…Awesome. Anyway, this is number 2 of the RTC blog…I only got about 6 more months til I catch Naledge…For those wondering, T-Mobile managed to keep me on their network all week, they still have yet to offer me a proper apology though. I watched the Superbowl back in Hyde Park at my parents’ house, ate a lot of good food, and played with the dog for the first time in about 3 weeks. It was definitely a well-needed chance to relax. Last night RubyHornet and Brainiac Society took over Lava Lounge as part of dubFrequency’s Creme De La Creme. I DJ’ed with Willy Joy for the first time. For those unfamiliar, Willy Joy is pretty nice on the 1’s and 2’s and absolutely spazzed out at the Evil Olive on Monday…He’s also the only DJ I’ve seen that keeps a box of blueberries next to his turntables. People are bringing me shots, beer, champagne, and this dude has fruit, I gotta get on that tip (no homo)…Willy did his thing and then I got on in the late night slot. It was a lot of fun, and Lava Lounge filled up quite nicely. Thanks to everyone who came out including Simeon of The Primeridian, Noah Banks, Skyler, Fooch, The Smash Bros. Special thanks to Michelle and definitely Brian who had my back all night, lol…

RH TV: Mikkey Halsted’s Internet on Lock ft Boogz & DJ RTC


Here’s some more footage from Mikkey Halsted’s Internet on Lock event.  In this clip, Boogz plays some beats, and RTC cuts it up.  Check it out below. 

DJ RTC X SC: Guns N’ Doe Hosted By Just Blaze (Artwork)


The last song I leaked off of this mixtape landed on Mic Terror’s mixtape.  Lesson learned…Anyway, I present to you the artwork for the next DJ RTC mixtape.  This time I was tapped by Chicago’s own SC to put together a mix showcasing his production style and substance.  The result is Guns N’ Doe, which is also hosted by none other than Just Blaze.  In fact, when SC moved out to New York he set up shop in Just Blaze’s Bassline studio for a year, and bang out some of the best beats that Just had ever heard.  While he may not be a household name (yet), SC has done tracks for Diddy, Mary J. Blige, The Game, Havoc, Mobb Deep, Mikkey Halsted, Naledge, and the list goes on….This mixtape is a collection of his work ranging from brand new, to unreleased, to industry classics.  The full mixtape will be available here February 4th.  I’ll be leaking a track before then, but for now, check out the tracklist below and enjoy the cover done by St!zo.

GLC and RTC similar to the letters mixtape

GLC and DJ RTC: Similar To The Letters Mixtape

I am very happy to present GLC and RTC: Similar To The Letters.  The mixtape features unreleased GLC material, live

Similar To The Letters Mixtape Release Party


On Friday night we hosted a release party for GLC X RTC’s Similar To The Letters Mixtape @ The NV Penthouse. The night included dope DJ sets by Rock City, Million $ Mano, and Hollywood Holt, and a good time was had by all. If you don’t believe us or weren’t there to experience it yourself, Benny Rocs was on his A Game and has the pics to prove it. Check them out below, you might just see yourself…The mixtape drops for DL on Weds, and Imeem hooked up an exclusive first listen. Check it out below.

DJ RTC: “Swagger Like Chi” feat. Naledge, MarVo, Really Doe, Bump J, Mikkey Halsted, & GLC

Chi Swag cover


Swagger Like Us” hit the internet a few weeks ago and has become a monster smash.  Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil’ Wanye, and T.I. all delivered on the biggest posse cut in years, and the infectious beat has been tackled by emcees nationwide. Shortly after the track’s release, I was able to get my hands on an instrumental, which I emailed to Mikkey Halsted, jokingly asking him to shout me out if he decided to go in on the beat.  A few days later Really Doe came through the RH office and told us about his experience with the beat, and a futile attempt to land it for his American 2 Fresh debut.  We pitched him the idea of jumping on the track with Mikkey and he was down.  More importantly, the wheels were in motion.  We quickly hit up Naledge, who was in town gearing up for Kidz In The Hall’s tour with Murs, he was in as well and “Swagger Like Chi” finally had some legs.  We enlisted GLC for the final slot, called Michael Kolar at SoundScape Studios and booked a recording session…

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