[Interview] Zac Efron, Max Joseph, Emily Ratajkowski, Them Jeans (We Are Your Friends)

Max Joseph, Zac Efron, and Emily Ratajkowski from We Are Your Friends

Header via R.M.T. / WENN While the current EDM scene has only been in mainstream prominence in recent years, it has more than its fair share of detractors and controversy, specifically focused on the wild partying, drugs, and the criticism that comes… Continue Reading

[SXSW Interview] Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy (Spy)

Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy of Spy

Video by Elijah Alvarado. To coincide with the film’s theatrical release, we are re-releasing our Spy interviews from this year’s SXSW. Paul Feig has risen up as one of Hollywood’s best directors for comedies thanks to films like Bridesmaids and his penchant for creating… Continue Reading

Chicago’s “Historic” Torture Reparations Package

Chicago march

Post written by special guest contributor, Freddy Martinez. Chicago has become the first U.S. city to formally acknowledge torture by its police department. Community activists, victims and lawyers first pushed to expose widespread torture under police commander Jon Burge over twenty-seven years ago.… Continue Reading