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Remembering Mac Miller.

I don’t really know what to write. But I just have the need to write something. Mac Miller’s passing on

Mac Miller: “Confessions of A Cash Register” feat Prodigy

“I’ll put your face in your cornflakes.” Mac Miller gives us a new record as we await the release of

[Editorial] Mac Miller & Lord Finesse: Paying Homage Costs

When ever someone asks me, ‘what do you think of Mac Miller?’ I usually answer by saying first and foremost

Mac Miller: “I Just Want People To Hear It”

We first met Mac Miller about a year ago, during his first trip to Chicago.  “I had my big puffy polo jacket on,” Mac says as we meet him for the second time just after his concert at The House of Blues.  Things have changed a bit for Mac since then. This time around there’s no puffy jacket, and instead of awaiting a new mixtape, Mac is on the verge of releasing his first debut LP, Blue Slide Park, which drops November 8th.  Last time we talked, Mac was looking forward to a time when he could stop rapping, turn the mic to the crowd, and have them fill in the gaps. Nowadays, that’s a regular occurrence, happening throughout the United States and even in Europe, which Mac still has a hard time believing.  “That’s probably the coolest part of what I do,” he says.  “Cause then you really see the transformation from me writing the song in the studio, to recording it, to it reaching other people. That’s the illest.”

While Mac has grown a lot in the last 365 days, he knows that he still has a long way to go, and he is ready for the ride.  He has a hard time holding back his excitement when talking about his debut album, and it’s impending release.  “I just want to get the music out so bad,” he says.  “I want to know if people will love it like I love it.”  Well, the wait is almost over and as Mac Miller prepares for tomorrow’s release, we present this feature in which Mac talks about approaching veteran status, learning from Hip Hop’s OG’s, and the fans that have held him down the whole time.  Watch the video below.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller: No Ordinary Kid

Most teenagers graduate high school, take a summer off, then venture off to college.  Mac Miller is no ordinary teenager.