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Ajani Jones and BoatHouse Drop “APEX”, Announce ONE PUNCH EP

“Play a victim or statistic they say, just tryna live for the moment like I’m Free or AJ”.  Ajani Jones

Musa Reems Presents A Deep Dive Into Motivation with “44 4’s”

“Before I knew it, I was moving up, I would forego classes just to get a couple bucks.” Musa Reems

Listen To Phoelix’s new jam “Drip”

I was on a massive cruise ship with Phoelix one time, out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, watching


[RH Premiere] ShowYouSuck: “Rap Game Karate” (prod by Zak Jablow)

“Rap Game Karate” is the first single from AEMMP Hip Hop’s forthcoming compilation, The Prerequisite. The album features a great collection of