Check out these 5 Chicago artists at Lollapalooza. Whitney, Noname, Kweku Collins, The O’My’s and Chance The Rapper

Let’s dive into the incredible lineup at this year’s Lollapalooza. Chicago artists came to represent at one of the largest music festivals in the world. The talent to tough but their Chicago breed artist standout in a big way. Below… Continue Reading

[Review] ‘Green Room’ an unforgettable punk rock horror film

Green Room

Independent director Jeremy Saulnier brings this twisted unforgettable tale of a momentous punk rock attitude crashing into the world of shock and uncertainty in Green Room. Inspiring and struggling hardcore punk rock band members Pat (Anton Yelchin), Tiger (Callum Turner), Sam (Alia… Continue Reading

[RH Photos] Riot Fest 2015

The Academy Is... performing at Riot Fest 2015

Photos by Vanessa Bly Riot Fest changed the festival game this year in a big way; it’s been the fest’s largest number of one-off reunion acts ever. With The Prodigy, Ice Cube & Special Guests covering Straight Outta Compton, Snoop… Continue Reading

[Review] Antarctigo Vespucci: “Leavin’ La Vida Loca”

Album art for Antarctigo Vespucci's "Leavin' La Vida Loca"

At first, Leavin’ La Vida Loca by the indie folk-inspired punk duo Antarctigo Vespucci seems less reminiscent of Chris Farren and Jeff Rosenstock’s main projects (Fake Problems, Jeff Rosenstock) and more of Antarctigo Vespucci’s first EP, Soulmate Stuff. Establishing Antarctigo Vespucci… Continue Reading