[Playlist of the Week] 15 Weird Science Music Videos

Beastie Boys

Last week in science: Newsweek has evidence to back if aliens exists, they’re huge, SNL made fun of Scientologists, a “terror bird” has been discovered and the Brontosaurus has been resurrected as a genus. Oh, and it’s almost finals week for… Continue Reading

Interesting Photographs of Drugs Under a Microscope by Sarah Schoenfeld

Drug Art by Sarah Schoenfeld

Photos by Sarah Schoenfeld Have you ever thought of liquifying drugs and putting it under a microscope to create art?… Neither did we, but Berlin artist Sarah Schoenfeld did, and they make for some pretty interesting photographs. By mixing water and different kinds of drugs,… Continue Reading

[Video] Kids Use Hip-Hop As A Way To Understand Science

Dr. Christopher Edmin a professor of education at Columbia University’s Teacher College has gone a different route in hopes of influencing public school children to learn about science through hip-hop. What Edmin ended up creating was a program called, “Science… Continue Reading