[The Weekly Swarm] 7/6 – 7/12

It’s yet another rain-filled, gloomy Monday morning in Chicago. The forecast for the week isn’t looking too good, and with Pitchfork later this weekend, all I can think of is how muddy and wet we’re gonna be. Nevertheless, I’m finally excited for Pitchfork and for the clouds to open up and give us the proper summer we needed after this past winter’s dreadful cold.

Last week was a great one here at Ruby Hornet. In case you missed any of our articles, check everything out below in The Weekly Swarm! Some of my personal highlights include Danielle’s trip to a Russian bathhouse, Oswald’s very personal essay on how The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air changed his life, Hubert’s editorial on Cartel Land and how it illustrates the War on Drugs will never end, Angela’s photos and recap from Weezer’s set at the Taste of Chicago, and the triumphant return of BattleBots!


Warren Ellis To Write New James Bond 007 Comic Series
To Beat or Not to Beat: Sweating in a Russian Bathhouse
America and Japan Are Going to Have a Giant Robot Duel
How the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Spearheaded My Sexual Awakening


[Review] Terminator: Genisys
New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Photos
Marisa Tomei Cast as Aunt May in Spider-Man Reboot
Ben Affleck Directing and Starring in Solo Batman Film Written by Geoff Johns
Cartel Land Shows Why the War on Drugs May Be Unwinnable


Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” Video is Bananas
[Playlist of the Week] 10 Songs for America
[RH Photos] Weezer Headlines at the 35th Annual Taste of Chicago


Harry Shearer Returns to The Simpsons
Did This Week’s UnREAL Go Too Far?
Marvel’s Daredevil Finds Its Elektra In Elodie Yung
[Review] MTV’s Scream: Hello, Emma
Pure Mechanized Carnage: The Return of BattleBots
How the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Spearheaded My Sexual Awakening

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