Treated Crew x Stüssy x Saint Alfred: “Treated Tribe”

Treated Crew, a collective based in Chicago, has joined forces with both Stüssy and Saint Alfred to collaborate on a project involving a new selection of apparel and a mixtape. The collection and the mixtape are both referred to as Treated Tribe. The apparel is modeled by Pusha T (with photos by Jesse Lirola), and is heavy in print, text, and graphics.

The “Treated Tribe” clothing collection mainly consists of black and white colors with a paisley print that is reminiscent of the crew’s logo, Treated Crew’s artwork for their album TreaTed, and Stüssy’s own signature branding. The simple arrangement of black and white statement pieces appropriately captures a vital essence of each party involved in the collaboration, a fundamental vibe that can be described as straightforward and versatile.

The artwork done for the album Treated Tribe reflects some of the predominant patterns used in the collection of apparel. Contributors to the mixtape include Mic Terror, Mano, Hollywood Holt, Gzus Piece, Jon James, Saint Millie, He Say/Say She, Sulaiman, Max Wonders, A.K., Nick Junior, HighLife, Lee Majorz & PST Saint.

The clothing collection dropped at Saint Alfred’s on Saturday, May 31st. Although the local boutique has already sold out, the Treated Tribe collection hit Stüssy’s online shop on June 2nd and is still available there for purchase. Check out some of the Treated Tribe apparel below and download Treated Tribe on iTunes now.

Aleksandra Pavlovic

Aleksandra Pavlovic is a Chi shorty who writes for VRLX Mag, studies at Beloit College, and enjoys Mexican food. Her interests also include Vince Vaughn, good jokes and German Expressionism.

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