[Video] Doc Da Mindbenda: “Mic Vic” (feat. Vic Spencer & Mic Terror)

Vic Spencer & Mic Terror are known as individuals that never hold anything back and always speak what’s on their mind, no matter what’s the social’s stance or who they might offend. Put them together on track and you get a two-headed monster that will devour anything that shows a hint of weakness, add a menacing Doc Da Mindbenda instrumental and it’s a wrap for all wack rappers. When you hear both emcees spitting out “Call me Mic Vic, I don’t like shit”, you should know better than to question if that statement is factual.

The video goes as hard as the track with Treated Crew and SaveMoney coming together in what looks to be an abandoned lot and going reckless while Vic & Mic stand in the front and deliver their verses with a cool misdemeanor only those two can. Directed by Jake Gaza and Jimmy Regular for Point • and • Shoot.

The Grinhouse –a.k.a. the house Doc buit–will drop a new EP soon entitled Welcome To The Grindhouse, which will showcase the talent that studio holds, stay tuned for more updates in the near future!



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