[Video] New Elysium clip features Matt Damon fighting a robot

I’m really excited for Elysium, so much so that I should probably temper my expectations a bit, considering the last sci-fi film I was anticipating wasn’t exactly everything I wanted it to be… Still, with every new clip and trailer, I can’t help but be excited for Neil Blomkamp’s sophomore film. Come on, Matt Damon’s starring in it, and who can deny Jason Bourne’s star power?

In this short clip, Damon’s character is in the middle of a heist as he fights off William Fichtner’s (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) character and one of his security droids. The best part of the clip, and something that was very evident in Blomkamp’s District 9, is just how fluid the CGI work is. The security droids look as if they’re actually there and don’t have that “aura” to them that makes them look completely artificial.

Elysium hits theaters on August 9th.

Geoff Henao

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