[Video] Would you drive a car made out of Legos?

Legos are basically god’s gift to mankind. The possibilities for some amazing Lego stuff is only limited by our imaginations (and number of bricks). I’ve seen some amazing DIY Lego sets (like the awesome Ghostbusters set), a plethora of amusing stop-motion films, and even a Hollywood animated film. The magnitude of what can be done with Legos was recently heightened exponentially by a small group of guys for a little something called the Super Awesome Micro Project.

Steve Sammartino, a Melbourne entrepreneur, and Raul Oiada, a Romanian “technology genius,” created a life-size, drivable Lego car (with some help of a number of financial backers). To accomplish the amazing feat, more than 500,000 Legos were used, the car’s Lego-made engine runs on air, and has four orbital engines and 256 pistons. While it won’t be winning any races (top speeds were capped at 12 mph – 17 mph), it’s an amazing accomplishment and shows what a little money and a lot of Legos and imagination can do.

I predict Lego hoverboards to become the next big thing. Get at it, Lego inventors! You can read more about the Super Awesome Micro Project on their website.

[via Engadget]

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